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Bollywood Squad » News » Ra.One new Poster Copied from Batman Begins movie

Ra.One new Poster Copied from Batman Begins movie

Shahrukha Khan movie awaited movie Ra.One movie new poster Copied from Hollywood hit Batman Begins movie. As early we seen Bollywood music composer copy tune now we also copy Hollywood movie poster style also.

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10 Responses to "Ra.One new Poster Copied from Batman Begins movie"

  1. KaFFy says:

    all of bollywood moviez are copying…!!!

  2. Nick says:

    Ra One’s poster is more cool..

  3. shrey says:

    it doesn’t matter whose poster is cool..the point its been ripped off from one of the best movie of all time. and SRK really suck, he is totally a wanna be man!

  4. usa says:

    man both are similar not copied.
    cumon.dont disgrace a master piece lyk….

  5. Raj Vikram says:

    i hate srk and i love salman khan

  6. varun says:

    If srk wldnt be a actor he definetly wld be a business tycoon…..
    he knows hoe to make things hot and happening…….
    he knows very well how to make people like things…
    thumbs up for srk…..

    1. Me says:

      thumbs up dude

  7. saalim banday says:

    srk sucks salman khan rules…

  8. mOhd says:

    U fools u shud say Batman copid frm srk…..chk out postr of VEER-ZAARA

  9. No.One says:


    An image of a hero carrying a heroine isn’t exactly groundbreaking. I think there’s cave paintings with this on and to be honest the early Homo Sapiens were probably considerably more intelligent than many contributors to this comment section.

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