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Arjun Rampal’s New Tattoo in – Ra.One The Real Look Trailer

Bollywood most awaited Ra One movie starring Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal. Arjun Rampal play daredevil (villein) role in the film. Check out here exclusive Arjun Rampal real look and tattoo pics. Ra One Action Pack Video … Read entire article »

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Arjun Rampal’s look in RA.One Revealed Pics

Check out here Arjun Rampal’s look pics in SRK and Kareena Kapoor starring RA.One movie revealed. if (window.ads_65c7a5a1e4aba21d971ef5c47d68a87f ){ ads_65c7a5a1e4aba21d971ef5c47d68a87f+= 1;}else{ ads_65c7a5a1e4aba21d971ef5c47d68a87f =1;} setTimeout("showAdsforContent(35232,468,75,'',"+ads_65c7a5a1e4aba21d971ef5c47d68a87f+",'ads_65c7a5a1e4aba21d971ef5c47d68a87f')",1000*(ads_65c7a5a1e4aba21d971ef5c47d68a87f -1)); ads_65c7a5a1e4aba21d971ef5c47d68a87f_35232_position=0; … Read entire article »

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