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Exclusive : Hrithik Roshan Training With Kris Gethin Pics

Bollywood macho man Hrithik Roshan has been working hard to get his physique right for his superhero role in Krrish squeal (Krrish 2) movie. Hrithik Roshan is currently being trained by US trainer and body building expert ‘Kris Gethin’. Check out here exclusive pics of Hrithik Roshan 6 abs pics. Hrithik Roshan fat to sexy 6 ABs body … Read entire article »

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Revealed: Don 2 Exclusive Hrithik Roshan Photo

Finally, we have some details about Hrithik Roshan’s role in Don 2, which so-far has been a well-kept secret. Sources say, Hrithik will be playing the role of Don himself and in one of the scenes he will remove his mask and it will be Shahrukh Khan in Disguise! The source also adds that it’ll Hrithik will appear in a short action scene, following which he will reveal his real identity. … Read entire article »

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Hrithik Roshan Is Voted The Most Sexiest Asian Man

After Kareena Kapoor is most sexiest asian woman after Hrithik Roshan named in the most sexiest Asian the World of the year 2011 declared. As per survey conducted by the Eastern Eye Weekly, 37 yres old Hrithik beat off tough competition from high profile stars to top the 50-strong list. This time Hrithik Roshan is replaced Ranbir Kapoor last year sexiest Asian man. The popular A-list actor won by the biggest ever margin in the history of the men’s list to topple last year’s winner Ranbir Kapoor, but this time he slip at sixth position. … Read entire article »

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Come fall in love with Just Dance Song Hrithik Roshan Video

Hrithik Roshan’s Come fall in love with Just Dance song full HD Video. Come fall in love with Just Dance Song Video … Read entire article »

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